Sunday, 22 May 2016

Slim Down Sunday: Week 54

I would say that I have been 85% good this week which is a first for me recently.  I've upped my salad game and trying to make sensible choices.  I've even started doing some of the meals I used to do a year ago when I started this like my pizzas using Weight Watchers tortilla wraps which are delicious.  

Emotions have been high this week which will always play a role in weight whether that's stuffing your face or losing your appetite.  Towards the end of the week my appetite had disappeared which was a blessing really as normally I would be binge eating.  

This week I'm pleased to say that this week I have lost five and a half pounds so I'm back on track heading towards where I was.  I'm delighted as I am starting to feel less bloated and a little bit more myself.  

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