Monday, 13 June 2016

Slim Down Sunday: Week 57 & 58

Hmmmm where to start?  So last week I didn't feel I could talk about weight loss as I felt I would just be saying the same thing as usual and that I was struggling.  Even now I'm still going to be saying I'm struggling but I've come to terms with the fact that I think I always will be and I know that I'm certainly far from alone with that.  

I am totally aware that eating one vegetable isn't going to make you slim and equally, one fast food meal isn't going to make you fat but it's getting the balance right.  I have had a lot of emotional struggles that I am still dealing with and they will sort themselves out in time.  Until then, I need to control the things I can control which is my food intake.  I can feel the shift in my heart and the ball of energy I need to fight this weight battle building back up, I'm almost ready to start doing this again as I feel my size 16 clothes getting tight, I'm never going to be a 24 again so I need to stop here and get back to my size 14 clothes.  

I've weighed myself and I'm actually still at 16 stone which to some, is a nightmare but I'm actually happy with that as I can get moving and going down those scales again.  I have new focuses, new goals and new reasons to do this!  I hope that next week I can be back on here reporting a weight loss again.

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