Sunday, 31 July 2016

Slim Down Sunday: Week 63 & 64

Well I'm back here again as I force myself to at least write these posts once a fortnight.  They're probably getting repetitive now, one week I'm promising that I'll be good and the next I'm telling you I didn't manage it.  Trust me when I say I wish that I had the right mindset right now but I'm just not there.

I know I can do this, last year I proved that but until then, I will keep on putting something on my blog to reference it.  The struggle is real but I will continue to at least monitor my weight, even if I'm not losing right now.  

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

NOTD: Neutral & Rose Gold Nails

Today I had a helper in the form of my boyfriend's son, Dominic who's nearly 9.  He's the cutest helper and opened all of my bottles for me but I wanted to do something that I could do a little quicker so that we could get on with other things with minimal fuss.    I have to say, I'm delighted with these bad boys.  

liverpoollashes liverpool lashes cnd shellac beau field fox chiffon twirl neutral rose gold nails scouse beauty blogger

The colours I used were CND Shellac Beau, Field Fox & Chiffon Twirl as well as Lecenté Stardust Glitter in Milky Way & Multi Glitz Baby Doll.

My thumb has Field Fox with Milky Way faded down from the cuticle area.  My index finger is Field Fox on its own.  On my middle finger I did Beau and cured it, then drew a pattern with Chiffon Twirl and cured it.  I then mixed a glitter paste with Baby Doll and applied it over Chiffon Twirl, curing it and finishing with a top coat.  My ring finger has Field Fox with Milky Way over it and my little finger has Chiffon Twirl on its own.

liverpoollashes liverpool lashes neutral and rose gold nails cnd shellac beau field fox chiffon twirl neutral rose gold nails scouse beauty blogger

I can't stop looking at my nails, I'm not going to lie!  I'll try to do a video of them in the sunlight which I'll probably put up on Instagram or Snapchat so please make sure you're following me (my username is liverpoollashes on both.)

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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Slim Down Sunday: Week 61 & 62

The struggle continues, every time I sit down to write this blog I wonder why I put myself through this.  Eventually I remind myself it's because the lack of focus on my weight over the years has amounted to me being huge and struggling with everyday life.  Although I hate to bang on about the same stuff week in, week out, the truth of it is I've totally lost my way with weight loss and I'm waiting to get that kick up the behind to get started again.

I find setting a goal can go two ways, either it works well and you enjoy getting closer and closer to it or it freaks me out and I rebel and give up before I've even tried.  I'm going to a big event soon with many people I know that haven't seen me since I started losing weight and I would love to feel my best there.  On the other hand, I'm trying to not put too much focus on it as I know I'll just binge and self sabotage.

Generally I eat fairly decent meals, it's the desserts and sweets that kill me.  As if that's not bad enough, it's the secret binges.  

Since I'm absolutely useless, I haven't weighed myself this morning.  I think I need to detox, go back to basics as I know within a couple of days I'll start to feel like me again.  I'm absolutely maniac with appointments from Wednesday to Saturday so my plan is to swoop in then as I will have minimal time to even get to the shops, never mind binge eat!

Saturday, 16 July 2016

NOTD: Bright Butterflies

Me and my nails have been an ongoing saga for the past week and a half.  I've liked what I've done with them but I'm turning into some sort of Goldilocks "ooooo they're not Oxblood" "Oxblood is too dark I need something summery" and now the hilarious thing is I've changed them to something bright and season appropriate and it's done nothing but rain to the point where as I haven't been able to take my nail photos outside like I've been doing recently #irony

I wanted to pick two bold shades to go with so I chose CND Shellac in Pink Bikini and Cerulean Sea along with Black Pool, lilac and silver foil, Lecenté Iridescent Glitter in Golden White and their S1 brush.

I applied Pink Bikini to my thumb, index finger and little finger.  I did contemplate doing something with these nails but then I reasoned that I wanted the blue nails to stand out.

liverpoollashes liverpool lashes shellac pink bikini cerulean sea cnd shellac butterfly nail art bright butterflies

Now I'll confess, the blue nails weren't exactly the effect I was going for as the foil just didn't stand out as much as I wanted.  I cured two layers of Cerulean Sea, crunched up a piece of lilac and a piece of silver foil and then patted it into the areas that I knew the butterfly was going to be in.  This was worth doing for when you look up close but I would pick something bolder if I did it again.  Anyway, I mixed a glitter paste of Lecenté glitter in golden white and Clearly Pink  and draw the wings of the butterfly.  Once that was cured I used the Lecenté S1 brush to paint the detail in black and their D1 brush for tiny detail on the edge of the wings.

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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

When Lecenté Capri Met The CND Craft Culture Collection

Sometimes I'll just sit there and think to myself "I wonder what that and that together will make?" definitely with the Lecenté Iridescent collection of glitters.  Capri is their most popular glitter (if you don't have it you truly are missing out.)  Despite its blue tinge you can apply Capri to any shade and it's going to make something spectacular for you so when curiosity got the better of me I thought I'd throw it over the CND Craft Culture Collection of Shellac shades and see what happens, kind of David Attenborough style.

liverpoollashes liverpool lashes beauty therapist nails when lecente capri met the cnd craft culture collection patina buckle brick knit denim patch

The picture below shows the results in the beautiful English sunshine (that was sarcastic if you didn't realise, the sun popped out for a second so I zoomed out with my colour pops!)  It's two coats of Shellac and then one layer of glitter into the sticky later.  Left to right of the photo below they are:
  • Patina Buckle
  • Denim Patch
  • Hand Fired 
  • Oxblood
  • Leather Satchel
  • Brick Knit
liverpoollashes liverpool lashes beauty therapist nails when lecente capri met the cnd craft culture collection patina buckle brick knit denim patch

I pretty much adore all of these combinations.  Denim Patch shows Capri pretty much as it looks in the pot, my friend Patina Buckle is looking pretty unique and interesting and actually I adore the Leather Satchel colour pop.  If you take one thing from this post let it be this, your glitter collection isn't complete without Capri.  

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Monday, 11 July 2016

NOTD: Oxblood In The Middle Of Summer

I caved and changed my nails to CND Shellac in Oxblood.  I couldn't help myself, I knew when I did my last set that I was soon going to start plotting to remove them not long later and do the Oxblood, sometimes you just have to get it out of your system, you know?!
Anyway I reasoned with myself that if I did some nail art on it it wouldn't be too autumnal but let's face it, it is, never mind.  I used CND Shellac in Locket Love on my little finger and for the nail art in my thumb and index finger with Lecenté Stardust in Starlight over it.  I used a gold cracked foil on my ring finger and mixed a glitter paste with Lecenté Sleigh Bells (limited edition but I'm sure their Sand isn't a million miles off as a substitute) for the dots in my middle finger.
These nails match my current mood, take from that what you will!  Now I've had Oxblood I can move on to something a little brighter next time!

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Friday, 8 July 2016

Focusing On: CND Shellac in Patina Buckle

I'm going to start off and say my piece about the name of this shade.  Some of the CND Shellac names have me laughing or sometimes baffled how to pronounce it (Hotski To Tchotchke for example, five year on I'm still none the wiser) but Patina Buckle, PATINA BUCKLE?!  I've googled it, obviously I know what a buckle is and patina is "a green or brown film on the surface of bronze or similar metals, produced by oxidation over a long period" so you learn something new everyday and it does make sense for the shade.  
To me though, Patina Buckle sounds like one of those things that goes around Facebook that says "work out your stripper name" or something and you take your first pet's name and combine it with your mother's maiden name (for reference, I'd be Frosty Williams, ooh la la!) I know that was a random start to this blog post but you know what, I am pretty random!
liverpoollashes liverpool lashes cnd craft culture collection shellac patina buckle

So anyway, my new friend Patina Buckle and I decided to show off her talents by layering her over other shades.  Sometimes you just look at a colour and you think "you Sweet Cheeks are going to be perfect over other colours" so that's exactly what I did.   
liverpoollashes liverpool lashes cnd craft culture collection shellac patina buckle

I went super fancy with this blog post and I've taken a photo for you under a daylight lamp (above) and in actual real sunshine (yes I know, shockingly it was sunny today!) below just for a treat for your eyeballs.  
liverpoollashes liverpool lashes cnd craft culture collection shellac patina buckle
Both photos from left to right are all two layers of CND Shellac and then one layer of Patina Buckle over it.
  • Black Pool
  • Peacock Plume
  • Pretty Poison
  • Dark Dahlia 
  • Rock Royalty
  • Lavender Lace
  • Wisteria Haze
  • Beckoning Begonia
  • Sultry Sunset
  • Pink Bikini
I would happily wear any of these shades and I'm sure Patina Buckle would be fantastic over pretty much anything to add a really unique twist to all of the existing line.  

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Thursday, 7 July 2016

NOTD: A Bit Space Age

Firstly, yes my nail of the day names are bad and this one is epic but after spending twenty minutes and brainstorming with my other half who's only answer was 'call them Sparkle' and my friend who couldn't even call them a name, I gave up!
I sat staring at CND Shellac in Oxblood and then back at my bare prepped nails, then back at Oxblood.  "Should I do it?  Karen it's summer, be summery" I thought.  Then I told myself how smart my nails would be with it, finally I reasoned that I needed to stop talking in my head because I wasn't getting anywhere!  Oxblood will happen soon, I've promised myself it!  
Until then I chose Denim Patch and Silver Chrome for today's inspiration.  I applied Lecente's Oil Slick foil to the Denim Patch and Lecenté Stardust Glitter in Galaxy to the Silver Chrome.  I swear if you haven't got Oil Slick, you're missing out!  It's such a good all rounder, goes with everything and the rainbow style glints are fantastic.
liverpoollashes liverpool lashes cnd shellac denim patch lecente oil slick lecente stardust glitter galaxy

How long will these nails be on for?  Who knows as they're not Oxblood...!  As I've said before, if I don't do the nails I crave it's normally pretty short lived but for now, this is what I'm sporting!  Don't forget to follow my Facebook page for all of my latest posts and I'm also on Instagram & Twitter - @liverpoollashes

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Slim Down Sunday: Week 59 & 60

I think I've come to the realisation that my Slim Down Sunday blogs, for the time being, are more of a way for me to not go up the scales rather than to actively try to lose more weight.  Of course I want to, I still have a couple of stone to go but by forcing myself to write these posts it brings the focus back and ensures I won't be huge again.  

This weeks post is going to cover this past fortnight because I haven't been well.  The week before last I developed a sore throat which is never fun.  Suddenly even scrambled eggs seemed like too much for me to eat and I lived off bare bones.  From the Tuesday to the Friday it was sore but not the end of the world, just a typical sore throat but it was stopping me from sleeping.  By Friday night I felt like it was clearing up but last Saturday morning I woke up with such a horrendous pain in my throat that I was wincing every single time I swallowed.  I couldn't even bear swallowing my own spit never mind absolutely any food or drink.  

Finally after a trip to a&e (I kid you not!) and a diagnosis of Tonsillitis I was sent on my way with Penicilin to choke down.  So for this past week I have literally lived on a diet of ice Lollys and Yazoo.  One day I ate a whole box of ice Lollys and that was it, it was the only thing I could manage.  Finally towards the end of this week I've been able to handle soft food like pasta but that was it.  

Either way thankfully I am better and although it's not a recommended weight loss method, I have lost 5 pounds in the past fortnight!  Hopefully this will keep me going and motivate me to carry on shedding these pounds!

Friday, 1 July 2016

NOTD: Something Girlie

Epic design name as usual, they're getting worse and worse.  I do find it fascinating how my mood takes me towards certain styles or concepts.  I let my mind wander and see what it evolves into.  That being said, I've also found that I remove the set quicker than normal if my mood changes and my nails no longer match it which I acknowledge may be crazy but hey, I'm unique!

I was in the mood for something girlie and a little bit of striping brush action.  I hadn't really thought too much, originally I was going nude but at the last moment changed to CND Shellac in Be Demure for all nails apart from the ring finger which has Cream Puff and Lecenté Constellation Stardust Glitter over it.  I then used a little Cream Puff to draw various crisp lines that weren't too distracting but pulled the whole design together.

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