Friday, 1 July 2016

NOTD: Something Girlie

Epic design name as usual, they're getting worse and worse.  I do find it fascinating how my mood takes me towards certain styles or concepts.  I let my mind wander and see what it evolves into.  That being said, I've also found that I remove the set quicker than normal if my mood changes and my nails no longer match it which I acknowledge may be crazy but hey, I'm unique!

I was in the mood for something girlie and a little bit of striping brush action.  I hadn't really thought too much, originally I was going nude but at the last moment changed to CND Shellac in Be Demure for all nails apart from the ring finger which has Cream Puff and Lecenté Constellation Stardust Glitter over it.  I then used a little Cream Puff to draw various crisp lines that weren't too distracting but pulled the whole design together.

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