Sunday, 3 July 2016

Slim Down Sunday: Week 59 & 60

I think I've come to the realisation that my Slim Down Sunday blogs, for the time being, are more of a way for me to not go up the scales rather than to actively try to lose more weight.  Of course I want to, I still have a couple of stone to go but by forcing myself to write these posts it brings the focus back and ensures I won't be huge again.  

This weeks post is going to cover this past fortnight because I haven't been well.  The week before last I developed a sore throat which is never fun.  Suddenly even scrambled eggs seemed like too much for me to eat and I lived off bare bones.  From the Tuesday to the Friday it was sore but not the end of the world, just a typical sore throat but it was stopping me from sleeping.  By Friday night I felt like it was clearing up but last Saturday morning I woke up with such a horrendous pain in my throat that I was wincing every single time I swallowed.  I couldn't even bear swallowing my own spit never mind absolutely any food or drink.  

Finally after a trip to a&e (I kid you not!) and a diagnosis of Tonsillitis I was sent on my way with Penicilin to choke down.  So for this past week I have literally lived on a diet of ice Lollys and Yazoo.  One day I ate a whole box of ice Lollys and that was it, it was the only thing I could manage.  Finally towards the end of this week I've been able to handle soft food like pasta but that was it.  

Either way thankfully I am better and although it's not a recommended weight loss method, I have lost 5 pounds in the past fortnight!  Hopefully this will keep me going and motivate me to carry on shedding these pounds!

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