Sunday, 17 July 2016

Slim Down Sunday: Week 61 & 62

The struggle continues, every time I sit down to write this blog I wonder why I put myself through this.  Eventually I remind myself it's because the lack of focus on my weight over the years has amounted to me being huge and struggling with everyday life.  Although I hate to bang on about the same stuff week in, week out, the truth of it is I've totally lost my way with weight loss and I'm waiting to get that kick up the behind to get started again.

I find setting a goal can go two ways, either it works well and you enjoy getting closer and closer to it or it freaks me out and I rebel and give up before I've even tried.  I'm going to a big event soon with many people I know that haven't seen me since I started losing weight and I would love to feel my best there.  On the other hand, I'm trying to not put too much focus on it as I know I'll just binge and self sabotage.

Generally I eat fairly decent meals, it's the desserts and sweets that kill me.  As if that's not bad enough, it's the secret binges.  

Since I'm absolutely useless, I haven't weighed myself this morning.  I think I need to detox, go back to basics as I know within a couple of days I'll start to feel like me again.  I'm absolutely maniac with appointments from Wednesday to Saturday so my plan is to swoop in then as I will have minimal time to even get to the shops, never mind binge eat!

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  1. I'd also been struggling with getting fed up of dieting (also going on a 2 week cruise on Sunday, and only just about losing the weight I put on from my last cruise 6 weeks ago LOL). The past week I've been doing the alternate days fasting diet, and have really enjoyed it so far. Have what I want every other day, and only 500 calories on the others - I kind of starve all day till dinner and then have a ready meal that is calorie counted. I've not felt dodgy from it, and can get by because I know it's only for that day if you get what I mean!!


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