Monday, 19 September 2016

Slim Down Sunday: Week 70 & 71

Finally I have made a breakthrough and I actually feel like I'm getting somewhere again!  For so long these blog posts have been a frustration for me as I knew I wasn't getting anywhere and I was pubically either staying the same or gaining weight.  Of course that's my business and I know that but I made my battle with my weight public so that I was accountable.

Thankfully for whatever reason I woke up on Tuesday and knew that I could do this again.  I weighed myself on my boyfriend's Weight Watcher scales and got straight back onto the wagon.  It's so crazy as within two days I felt so much better, a bit lighter and more comfortable again.  I absolutely love the feeling it gives me so I have no idea why I don't continue.

I have tried to make myself a little motivation collage on my home screen of my phone.  This has photos of me at my lowest weight last year, of my new found waist and if my gorgeous coat that doesn't currently fit.  I do think the visuals are helping.

So anyway, I am pleased to say that I lost 4lbs this week!  Onwards and downstairs back to where I was and beyond!

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