Saturday, 1 October 2016

My Work: Red, Black & Gorgeous

You'd think I was on some sort of commission to get all clients to choose CND Shellac in Tartan Punk but the thing is, the moment I show them in they fall in love. 

Dawn is a purple girl but she she loves her dark shades.  She came to me and said straight away that she fancied red. Quick as a flash I swung my chair around to my collection and pulled out Tartan Punk.  Dawn also loved Black Pool over Lecente Fireworks Glitter in Flame that I did for my Top 15 Lecente video - click here so decided on it for her ring finger.  

All glitters look amazing over black but this combination is mesmerising. 

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  1. Well done. Something about fall makes me want to reach for red. And yes, you convinced me too that I need tartan punk. Btw- love your videos and anticipate your review when a new collection comes out.


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