Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Lecente Chrome & Rainbow Powder Application

I would say that chrome and rainbow powders are the biggest product to hit the nail industry recently and shake things up.  For a long time I've steered clear of them as many were not a cosmetic standard and therefore I would not even entertain putting them near any of my clients.  When Lecente announced that they were releasing their powders I was ridiculously excited and when they landed on my doormat a little while ago I was instantly in love.
Having not trying the application before I was concerned if I would get the hang of the application but I actually found it straight forward and these nails were my first attempt with my rainbow tips (click here)

I'll go through the steps:
  1. After full prep, apply base coat and then colour coats, curing between each layer.
  2. Apply a layer of Lecente Layer It and cure under an LED lamp for one minute or a UV lamp for two minutes.
  3. Apply your powder from the free edge by gently smoothing over the nail with the applicator.  
  4. Using a dry lint free wipe, remove any loose excess product to ensure it doesn't get caught in the bristles of the top coat.
  5. Apply your usual top coat ensuring you thoroughly cap the free edge, cure and remove the sticky layer.
I have filmed a 'focusing on' post just showing all of the gorgeous colour combinations that is possible with the rainbow powder, click here to watch it. 

I was delighted to do the application video for Lecente's You Tube Channel here:
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