Saturday, 3 December 2016

Friends With Benefits

Friends with benefits seemed like the perfect title for this blog post.  No it's not in the way you're thinking but when it comes to having any sort of a specialised skill whether it's nails, beauty, hairdressing, plastering, plumbing or whatever, you can guarantee you'll come across people who think that because you're friendly, you'll be doing it for them for free.  

Hilariously this is a photo of me and my amazing friend Jade.  She certainly isn't someone to take advantage of our friendship but I like a photo in each blog post so here is one...! 

I am a very giving person, if I have something that would be better with someone else, they can take it.  If I can help any new techs out with advice or information, as many of you know, I do it.  I've had full blown conversations with thousands of nail techs in my six years of LiverpoolLashes to help them understand a technique or problem they're having.

However when it comes to expecting a free set of nails or beauty treatment, true friends expect to pay, it's as simple as that.  You have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours learning the skills and gaining the certificates, not to mention the thousands in training, products and equipment.  This one service they're after might only cost you X amount of money but it's the principal as well as if you do it once, you can bet you'll be doing it again.  

It's hard to make someone realise who does a "regular job" aka - a job that is paid by an employer (for example, a call centre worker) who wouldn't typically be able to offer you anything within that field why you must charge for your skills, product and education.

I'm really talking about mainly those who do their skill full time, it's their bread and butter.  It's not just a top up of money on top of their full time job, this is how we earn our money.  They wouldn't be expected to turn up to the office / shop / factory or whatever and do a couple of hours for nothing as they potentially wouldn't be able to afford to do that, neither can we.

The final point is this, my client base is very well established, I have clients who have been with me from within months of me qualifying and many I consider as friends, as they do me.  By offering free services or hugely reduced ones, not only am I dramatically reducing my wage but it's almost like I'm ranking them as to how good a friend they are to me, where would I draw a line?

For all the reasons above, the only person that gets a free service is my mum.  She's had to put up with me all of my life and to be quite honest with you, I should be paying her to do her nails or beauty treatments because I know how much of a pain I was (and still am.)  Everyone else can put their hands in their pockets and show that they understand I am business, like everyone else I need money to pay bills and I charge what I'm worth.

I'll finish with this, the perks of having friends with the industry is that they will let you try their new products first in my case, often before the nation or even worldwide release.  You can also come to me in your pjs, no make, baby dribble on your shoulder or whatever the case may be without a batter of an eyelid as I'll be in pjs and slippers too.  I will accept your last minute cancellation a tiny bit happier because I know your circumstances and I know you'd hate to let me down.  I will be extra patient when you take ages to decide on a colour as I know if you're with a stranger you wouldn't bounce between a peach nude and a pink nude for half an hour with them.

I wrote this post as I know many therapists can understand where I'm coming from, I get many questions by private message as to how to deal with it. Also perhaps it's food for thought for those around you.

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