Saturday, 31 December 2016

Year In Review: 2016

Ahhh where do I start?  Honestly 2016 has flipped my world upside down on so many levels.  I started off the year married to a kind man that I was no longer in love with, in a lovely house that we built up to have lovely decor and pretty things.  By the end of the year I've ended up moving 200 miles away, I'm with a man I truly love, in a fantastic relationship and in a house that is more simple with a few pretty things but being happier than ever.  It's crazy how things go, I am devastated to be soon start the process of divorce - I'm a traditional person and I believe in making things work but if you marry someone who doesn't listen that you don't really stand a chance.  

Professionally I am delighted with yet another year of progress.  I have gained 1500 followers on Facebook alone in 2016.  My blog is now getting around 20,000 - 23,000 views in a single month - that's a lot of eyeballs!!

In February I was delighted to showcase the new Lecente Glitters at Creative Academy Manchester's Show-A-Thon.  I was also honoured to be asked to create all of Lecente's introduction videos of their new collections, it's such a pleasure to be asked.

April onwards was when life started getting rocky as I prepared to leave my lovely home and even more so, my beloved cats.  At this point I am still without my cats and I am looking to bring them with me to Cardiff in the New Year.  I also had this huge holiday booked with my husband to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Palm Springs and Las Vegas.  Since it was all paid for and we were on sort of good terms we went together as friends but this was very difficult at times.  When I returned I started to then move my belongings out and down to Cardiff.  I have tried to continue to blog and keep my social media going throughout this time although I never said a word to anyone who wasn't a close family member or friend.  The hardest thing however was telling my clients, I broke down and cried in front of them at almost every person I told but my situation with their appointments would be changed.
My boyfriend Rich is fantastic, the sort of man who takes control of situations and picks me up when I'm down - exactly what I was looking for.  When the invite came to go to the Sweet Squared 10th Birthday Party in August he was like "let's go!" so we did.  At this point I had put a lot of the five stone I lost last year, back on but I went anyway because I can't allow myself to hide away any longer.  

Another personal achievement for me is to learn to become some sort of a vague stepmum for Rich's son.  I don't have any children of my own and I warned Rich that I'm not "child friendly" from the start and he said I would be great at it.  He is 9 years old and a good kid.  Thankfully he took to me immediately and listens to me although I really have no experience of children - I am the youngest in my family and the only nephew I have emigrated to Australia at 18 months old with my brother and his wife last year.  He refers to me as "Darling" as that what he's heard his dad call me so it's just stuck!

At the end of November Rich and I went to Las Vegas - the second time for me this year - to go to Go Pro 2016.  This was a marketing conference over three days with many Multi millionaires talking about their success.  Rich was already going so I basically tagged along.  It was there I made a decision, I wanted to fulfil a dream that I had had last year.  What you may not know is that I'm a candle and home fragrance junkie, I'm obsessed with it.  Last year I looked into producing my own wax melt brand.  I spent hundreds of pounds on the ingredients, fragrances, packaging, colouring and equipment and then hit a huge grinding halt because in June last year the laws changed surround packaging of wax melts and it meant it was very complicated to label and produce them.  After a long time getting lost online trying to work out my plan of action, I gave up on the idea.  Cut back to sitting in Las Vegas at this three day conference and I suddenly thought, producing my own brand may have been too much for me but become a consultant for a huge American brand I love would be perfect.  I returned home and signed up to be a Scentsy Consultant almost immediately.  Being a consultant is a dream for me as I got to talk about something I'm completely passionate about.  If you want to join my Facebook group - click here.
Finally, my year ended with being able to see my beloved cats on Christmas Day.  It might be silly to some but those little monsters are my babies.  Cue the proud mama photos of Henry and Poppy with their Christmas presents.

Henry just looks ace with his collar and tie, doesn't he?!  Totally suitable for a job interview!  I took turkey and ham for them, hence the tongue!

Rich and I had a lovely Christmas Day with my parents and another piece of happy news was that my brother, his wife and my nephew have moved back to the UK from Australia.  We then went back home to enjoy Boxing Day with his son.  

So what will 2017 hold for me?  My main priority is to be happy, that has to be the ultimate goal and I refuse to settle for any less.  I can also foresee Scentsy becoming huge for me, I've had so much interest in it, its incredible.  I can envision so many salons taking it on as an inexpensive system that adds a lovely glow and fragrance to treatment rooms and the lack of flame means it's completely safe to be left unattended, unlike traditional candles.  LiverpoolLashes will continue to grow in its 7th year, hopefully at the rate it's currently been and if not, more.  It's all about relying on you all to spread the word too which I know you already do to both clients and fellow therapists.  I also need to lose the weight I have gained this year to get myself back to being confident again - I will do this.
Wishing you the most fabulous 2017!! Karen xx

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