Sunday, 15 January 2017

Slim Down Sunday 2017: Week 3

Well here we go for another week.  It feels good to be doing this again, yes I still feel a little bit like a bowling ball and I don't like my current round face but the relief of knowing that I'm just talking about it but actually doing it is fantastic.


I'm not even going to lie the start of the week was a little bit laid back.  I don't deny myself on weigh in days and relax quite a bit.  I didn't used to be like that at the start but now I think that if I don't allow myself a little bit then I will go crazy. 


One find for this week has been the Fruit Foams.  As they are sugar-free that means that they are low in calories and if you follow weight watchers they are fairly low in points (4 SP.)  although I prefer chocolate to jellies they are good if you do want a sugar boost (only without the sugar but you get me!)

Although I have been an awful lot better than previously and I have not binge eating at all this week, I knew that each day I have eaten a little over what I should've been and in the back of my mind I knew that that would mean the scales which show that.

Another delicious treats that I found this week was the Muller Light blackcurrant and liquorice.  Probably not for everyone but these are so nice and have just been released.


So here it is today I weighed in and I have lost half a pound.  This isn't much at all but I know that it is more important that I am doing something about it and no matter how it takes that I continue it.  obviously next week I really want to put more of a focus on making sure I am within the boundaries I've set myself.  I am still happy as I do feel a lot less bloated and a little bit more comfortable in my clothes.  I will do this.
  •  Every day we have a choice, it's a fresh start and the most important part from any healthy eating plan is to just try and make as many days, good ones.
  • Losing a pound a week is still over three and a half stone in a year.
  • If you're feeling particularly down about your weight, remember that if you stick to a balanced diet then by this time next week you could have dropped quite a few pounds, just the kick start you need to get going!  Even just by cutting down on treats you could make a difference, how good would that feel?!
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