Friday, 3 February 2017

For Sale: Backwash, Hairdressing Chair, Mirror & Other Bits

Wow who would have known that a single post could hurt me so much, I'm sat here crying my eyes out.  As you all know, I separated from my husband last years and left our home that we shared.  In the last few years I had the garage converted into a mini hair salon by my amazing dad and I loved it with all of my heart.  Unfortunately this house will be sold and I'm not in a position to bring my furniture to be fitted in my current house in South Wales so I am looking to sell what I have for a good price.  


Hairdressing is not something I do often so these are all used only occasionally therefore you're looking at almost new items without damage to any of it.  The backwash is currently plumbed in so serious buyers are welcome to come and view it working if you wish and my dad will unplumb it, ready for collection.  What I will say is seriously, this is the most comfiest backwash I have ever sat in and my clients told me that themselves both in the seat and the way it fits around the neck and shoulders.

Here are the items for sale with the price I paid for them.  Please contact me to make me an offer for the item or items you'd like.

Samba Backwash - £500

Hairdressing Chair - unknown

Trolley - £69

REM Miranda Mobile Hood Dryer - £220

Mirror - £100

Ikea Large New York Frame - £50?

Yellow Brabantia Bin - £60

The only item that is not perfect is the New York frame as this has a slight burn mark from a floor lamp that was too close to it however you can't really notice it because the print is black.

The Miranda hood dryer has literally only been used once or twice.  I bought it from salon services and as I'm not with it up north I can't confirm that that's definitely the model I have but it looks like the website link.

My heart is broken into a thousands pieces at the moment having to sell everything from my lovely little salon but I know in time it will be mended.  I can arrange for my parents to let you into the house if you'd like to view any of the items.

Collection will be from my house which is close to Hale Village / Liverpool Airport area.  Anyone not local can contact a "man with a van" (typically on eBay) for a quote which I've done before and had things brought to me from London...!

If you are interested please contact me on my Facebook page or email

Thanks so much for your support, Karen x

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