Monday, 20 March 2017

Slim Down Sunday 2017: Weeks 9 - 12

Where do I start?!  Where have I been with these posts?!  That's a good question as at this point I can even keep track of it all to be honest.  I'm probably going to make this update short and sweet.  So a fortnight ago (when my last post was due up) I did weigh and I was 17 stone 2 which is the exact same weight I was at the start of January which is a grim - I know but honestly? I thought I'd be more than that.  

I did however kick myself into touch and for a good five or six days I was angelic after that but then I've let things slide again.  Yes I know this is frustrating to read because I could just smack myself in the face at times with this whole weight loss thing but the long and short of it is yesterday when I weighed I had lost a pound.  

I need to see the 16s again, this is ridiculous.  What am I even playing at here?  I don't know but I will continue to post as I always do.

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