Sunday, 30 April 2017

Lecente New Releases Summer 2017

It's finally time to talk about the new Lecente release which are available from tomorrow, 1st May.  I've had this collection for a little while kindly sent to me from them and straightaway there is definitely been a distinct three favourites amongst my clients which I shall mention later on.

The summer 2017 collection consists of four glitters:
  • Girlfriend Pink Irridescent Glitter (pictured over CND Shellac in Hot Pop Pink)
  • Boyfriend Blue Irridescent Glitter (pictured over CND Shellac in Digi-Teal)
  • Snow White Ultra Fine Glitter (pictured over CND Shellac in Cream Puff)
  • Silver Slipper Ultra Fine Glitter (pictured over CND Shellac in Silver Chrome)

It also has four chrome powders, two of which are Chameleon Chromes:
  • Bronze Chameleon (pictured over CND Shella cin Leather Satchel)
  • Copper (pictured over CND Shellac in Leather Satchel)
  • Purple Chameleon (pictured over CND Shellac in Tinted Love)
  • Black (pictured over CND Shellac in Black Pool)
So I will tell you that the two favourite glitters for me are Boyfriend Blue and Girlfriend Pink.  I've used both of them so many times and they're just absolute winners, the colour combinations you could do either of them are endless!  Silver Slippers is another stunner and I burnished it into my own nails when I wore it.  Snow White is nice but it seems to be a little chunkier so I do recommend two layers of top coat with that one.

As for the chromes, the Black Chrome is gorgeous!  Oddly my other favourite was Copper (I say oddly because I was expecting for me to favour the chameleon chromes but that just stole my heart!  You need it!) 

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