Saturday, 8 April 2017

NOTD: Summer Blue

Sometimes I know exactly what I want on my nails and I just go for it and in all this I literally have no idea where to start brainstorming what I want on them.  Unfortunately this time was the time that I literally didn't know where to start, did I want glitter? did I want colour did I want to be pale? I had no idea.  As I have just taken away the pink tones I deafly didn't one pink and I always have a hankering for red but I typically like to be straight up bread and that's not really fun to blog about!  I actually did put green on my nails and I like green but what I did with them I really really didn't like if you follow me on Snapchat your now because I showed it on there before I removed it.


Eventually I finally settled on blue and then I paired it  up with gold just add a little contrast.  The colours I used were CND Shellac Grand Gala (limited edition but Iced Cappucino would work) with Lecente Glitter in Sleigh Bells (again - limited edition but Sand is a good alternative) with Shellac Clearly Pink over.  I then used Shellac Digi-Teal over.


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