Sunday, 2 April 2017

Slim Down Sunday 2017: Week 13

Well... week 13 which could be unlucky for some but for me it was finally the week I got back onto losing weight.  

I'm normally a  cereal kind of person when it comes to breakfast but ive surprised myself  by opting for yoghurt and berries this week.  I've had salads and really enjoyed them and within a day or two I was already feeling better  however I realise I have a long way to go to get back to where I was last year.  

Rich and I have both been so focussed and that's helped an unbelievable amount as when he falls off the weight loss wagon I feel more likely to do the same as I really want to eat whatever he's eating.  He is keen to get back to where he was as his shirts are more snug.

This week I'm delighted to report that I lost 4.5lbs and Rich lost 5lbs.  It's a good start and I'm keen, now that the weather is improving, to get more active too to speed things up.  Next week I hope to be back into the 16 stone bracket.


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