Tuesday, 28 May 2019

NOTD: Cute Lil Hearts

I say this time and time again but when I choose my nails they are totally based on my current mood.  I took off my “almost bare” style nails and I was up for a little bit of something cute so after a lot of deliberation I decided on hearts, then it was time for colour choices!

I wanted a completely cream finish so that narrowed it down and it was time to sit and paint!

I debated arms for my little love hearts but I decided against it, little legs and feet were cute enough!  

Saturday, 18 May 2019

NOTD: Almost Bare Nails

Having had my blue nails on for around a fortnight and the whole fiasco with suffering from serious princess problems and not enjoying the first design, it was time for a change.  

I think having such a bold colour on for so long when I actually looked at my nails with nothing on them I really fancied going for something really sheer.  

I love a bit of a science experiment so I chose six different glitters as I wanted green but with all the hints of shades like golds and silvers.

Finally I added random polka dots to jazz up my bare look and you know what?  I’m enjoying these for now!

Thursday, 9 May 2019

NOTD: The Recycled Nails

I know that you all laughed at the meme that I put up the other day on Facebook about not liking the nails you’ve done for yourself.  There is nothing more frustrating is there?  Chances are if you’re a nail tech yourself it’s probably taken every ounce of strength to be bothered to do your own after doing hundreds of sets for other people. 

Normally if I do my nails and I don’t like them I will just put up with them but probably take them off a little sooner than usual.   There wasn’t anything actually wrong with the nails that I did a few days ago but I just wasn’t feeling them, you know?  Sometimes it’s the colour, sometimes it’s the design or the combination of both but they were going to drive me crazy if I kept them on. 

This time I decided I wasn’t going to do that and instead I would do a little “recycling.”  I wanted to see how I could change them into something that would hit the spot rather than completely re-doing everything.  

I removed the middle and ring finger and re-applied a silver glitter and painted almost a bubble effect on them in black.  Voila!