Wednesday, 24 July 2019

NOTD: Pink & Grey Geo Nails

So it all started with a photo which hilariously I saw on Facebook marketplace advertising the duvet cover for sale.  I loved the combination of colours, textures and print and although I didn’t want exactly that, just something along those lines. 

This was the photo I was talking about FYI!  Pink and grey are such a gorgeous combination.

So let’s run down what’s on each nail:

Thumb: Brighter pink cured. Grey over the top, cured.   Black lines, cured.  I made a glitter paste with the white AB glitter and top coat and added over the pink, cured and top coat the rest.  

Index finger: Light pink with white AB glitter over.

Middle finger: Grey.

Ring finger: Brighter pink with black freehand, cured.  Glitter paste with white AB and silver pigment to fill in some triangles.  Finished with a top coat.

Little finger: Steel shade with silver pigment over. 

You know what?  These are probably one of my favourite combinations I’ve worn myself.  I love them!

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

NOTD: Juicy Watermelon Nails

Don’t ask me why but I have been utterly obsessed with watermelon.  I’m going to put it down to the change of weather and just the fact it’s so refreshing.  Literally I’ve had watermelon lemonade, watermelon ice lollies so needless to say when it came to my nails it was a bit of a no-brainer that I had to do watermelons on those as well!

I’m going to do a quick step-by-step of how I did them.  

  1. I applied the red to all nails apart from the ring finger and finished with a matte top coat.
  2. Then I used a sheer shade on my ring finger and cured.
  3. I then took a bottle green shade, and painted a curve across my nail - do not cure.
  4. I took a lighter green and painted another curve close to it - do not cure.
  5. With the red from the other nails, I filled in the remaining blank space taking the colour as close to the lighter green as I could without touching it - do not cure.
  6. Using a small nail art brush I made tiny strokes going from the lighter green to bottle green to slightly drag and blend the two - do not cure.
  7. Wipe the brush and do the same from lighter green into the red slightly, when you’re happy with it, cure.
  8. Repeat this applying the two green curves, filling in the red, with a freshly wiped brush merge the colours and cure.
  9. A fine nail art brush was used for the black pips.  After I cured it I then added the white for definition and cured.
  10. Apple a matte top coat and cure.
  11. I then used a dotting tool and the regular top coat to apply small dots onto my watermelon to make it juicy, cure and remove sticky layer from all nails.