Wednesday, 24 July 2019

NOTD: Pink & Grey Geo Nails

So it all started with a photo which hilariously I saw on Facebook marketplace advertising the duvet cover for sale.  I loved the combination of colours, textures and print and although I didn’t want exactly that, just something along those lines. 

This was the photo I was talking about FYI!  Pink and grey are such a gorgeous combination.

So let’s run down what’s on each nail:

Thumb: Brighter pink cured. Grey over the top, cured.   Black lines, cured.  I made a glitter paste with the white AB glitter and top coat and added over the pink, cured and top coat the rest.  

Index finger: Light pink with white AB glitter over.

Middle finger: Grey.

Ring finger: Brighter pink with black freehand, cured.  Glitter paste with white AB and silver pigment to fill in some triangles.  Finished with a top coat.

Little finger: Steel shade with silver pigment over. 

You know what?  These are probably one of my favourite combinations I’ve worn myself.  I love them!

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