My Advice For New Therapists & Hairdressers

For a really long time I've wanted to make a section of my website specifically to share my thoughts and hopefully help new therapists build their business.  I think it's often the problem that although you may now been trained for a particular skill, you're left unclear how to take your business forward and how to build your client base. 

Uploaded posts (with links)
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Posts of interest: 
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Advice posts written by others (including building a client base & advertising):
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My book recommendations
The Complete Nail Technician By Marian Newman - This was the first nail book I purchased when I was training and I considered it my industry bible.  This is a full textbook so expect to pay £20 or more for it but it's a brilliant reference if you forget certain points during training.  Marian is a widely known and well respected nail technician.  Despite it being a textbook (which I always assume will be fairly dull) I can literally say I have read this cover to cover on more than one occasion as she has made it so interesting with little boxes every now and again telling you 'tales of the salon' or 'tricks of the trade.'

Nail Class by Gigi Rouse - Another amazing book that helped me understand the shape of nail enhancements.  Gigi Rouse is an outstanding nail technician with many years experience of the industry.  The information you get with this book is worth far more than the price tag and is a must for me.

Open Your Own Salon... The Right Way!  This is a brilliant book that's not necessarily just for someone opening a salon but a great 'all rounder' for business generally and can help you think about some aspects of your business that you may not even have even thought of.  Don't pay over the odds for it though - I paid about £7 so search around online for it.

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  1. This advice is just what I needed! Its been hard to find advice from nail technicians based within the UK and especially from someone who changed career and have written all of these posts based on the journey they took to get to where they are now. I am currently wanting to change my career and train to become a nail technician and all of your posts have been very inspiring and helpful. Thank you. I will definitely be keeping up to date with your blog now I have found it!


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