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Shellac Collections (most recent first):

Starstruck Collection - UK Release - September 2016

Dark Diamonds, Blushing Topaz, Starry Sapphire, Emerald Lights, Alluring Amethyst & Garnet Glamour

Vinylux: Dark Diamonds & Emerald Lights

Craft Culture Collection - UK Release - 30th June 2016

Patina Buckle, Denim Patch, Hand Fired, Leather Satchel, Brick Knit & Oxblood

Vinylux: Brass Button & Fern Flannel

Additives: Boho Beads, Russet Rage, Tainted Gold, Dungarees & Polished Peridot

Flirtation Collection - UK Release - 28th February 2016

Lavender Lace, Pink Pursuit, Honey Darlin', Aqua-intenance, Be Demure & Sparks Fly

Vinylux: Skin Tease & Date Night

Art Vandal Collection - UK Release - 29th December 2015
Art Basil, Digi-Teal, Untitled Bronze, Future Fuchsia, Magenta Mischief, Mauve Maverick

Vinylux: Sienna Scribble, Irreverent Rose & Tutti Frutti

Additives: Exhibition, Twinkle Pink, Confetti Kiss, Cobalt Clash and Lavender Whispers

Aurora Collection  - UK Release -

Winter Glow, Glacial Mist, Nordic Lights & Tundra

Contradictions Collection - UK Release -
Rouge Rite, Peacock Plume, Safety Pin, Tartan Punk & Naked Naiviete

Garden Muse Collection - UK Release - 22st February 2015

Lost Labrinth, Butterfly Queen, Beckoning Begonia & Wisteria Haze.

Flora & Fauna Collection - UK Release - 1st January 2015

Field Fox, Salmon Run, Wild Moss, Dandelion, Fragrant Freesia & Creekside.

Dream Lily, Silver Ponyfoot, Hummingbird & Nectar Glaze.

Gilded Dreams Collection - UK Release - 21st September 2014

Grand Gala, Chiffon Twirl and Dazzling Dance.

Gold Adorned, Lavishly Rose, Pave Diamonds & Sapphire Hope.

Modern Folklore Collection - UK Release - June 2014

Crimson Sash, Rose Brocade, Fine Vermilion, Indigo Frock, Locket Love & Plum Paisley

Ornate Halo, Rose Notion, Crushed Suede, Jade Rekindled & Plush Velour.

Paradise Collection - UK Release - February 2014

Cerulean Sea, Electric Orange, Bicycle Yellow, Lush Tropics, Sultry Sunset & Tango Passion

Tropic Rise, Island Heat, Midnight Tide, Pink Lotus& Sizzling Sand.

Open Road CollectionUK Release - December 2013

Powder My Nose, Sage Scarf, Clay Clayon, Desert Poppy, Sun Bleached & Mint Convertible.

Open Road (Additives)
Denim Geode, Emerald Mirage, Amerthyst Flash, Copper Mine & Deser Cameoleon.

Charmed Collection - UK Release - October 2013

Frosted Glen, Ice Vapor, Scarlet Letter & Serene Green

Silver Frost, Gilded Glen, Blush Bronze Frost & Icicles.

Intimates Collection - UK Release - September 2013

Blush Teddy, Nude Knickers, Bare Chemise & Satin Pyjamas.

Forbidden Collection - UK Release - August 2013

Dark Dahlia, Burnt Romance, Night Glimmer, Blue Rapture, Tinted Love & Steel Gaze

Burning Ember, Blue Heaven, Steel Dreams, Plum Love & Deep Blue.

Summer Splash Collection  - UK Release - May 2013

Pink Bikini, Grape Gum, Water Park & Lobster Roll

Tropic Rise, Island Heat, Midnight Tide, Pink Lotus& Sizzling Sand.

Sweet Dreams Collection - UK Release - February 2013

Grapefruit Sparkle, Cake Pop, Azure Wish, Lilac Longing & Limeade

Lemon Sunshine Glitter, Sea Glass Glitter, Hot Pink Glittter, Raspberry Sizzle Glitter & Periwinkle Twinkle Glitter.

Twinkle Collection (Additives) - UK Release - October 2013

Antique Gold, Sparkling Silver, Gunmetal Grey, Wine Red & Winter Blue.

Tinsel Toast & Ruby Ritz Duo (Limited Edition Shellac) - UK Release October 2013 

Autumn / Winter 2012

Vexed Violette, Overtly Onyx, Pretty Poison, Sugared Spice, Faux fur & Midnight Swim.

Spring 2012

Dark Lava, Rubble, Cityscape, Silver Chrome, Silver VIP Status, Gold VIP Status.

Autumn / Winter 2011 - UK Release September 2011

Purple Purple, Asphalt, Hotski, Zillionaire, Studio White & Moonlight & Roses.

 12 Shellac Shades - UK Release - February 2011

Beau, Black Pool, Clearly Pink, Cocoa, Decadence, Gotcha, Hollywood, Hot Pop Pink, Iced Coral, Masquerade, Mother of Pearl and Rock Royalty

Original 12 Shellac Shades - UK Release - May 2010

Cream Puff, Negligee, Romantique, Strawberry Smoothie, Rose Bud, Tutti Frutti, Tropix, Hot Chillis, Wild Fire, Red Baroness, Fedora & Iced Cappuccino.

The Perfect Peach Shellac Shade

Ultimate Shellac Layering Video featuring over 50 combinations!

Shellac Tutorials:
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  1. Hi Karen! I know you love CND. I will be using CND Shellac and Vinylux on my clients, but I get annoyed when I get a streaky color, like Gotcha. Do you still use these colors on clients and accept how they are, or do you leave them in the drawer.? Do you have a way to get these colors working better? Thanks, love your blog and videos!


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