What camera do you use? 
All videos are taken with an iPhone but I believe that the real importance is good lighting so I use daylight photography lighting.  It is often even better to capture the sparkles in glitter with actual sunlight though where possible.

Where do you get your CND Shellac from?
I only recommend authorised distributors.  In the UK the main stockist is Sweet Squared and their stockists are Creative Academy Manchester and Ellisons.

I have nails that keep splitting, can you make a video on how to prevent it?
Splitting nails can be caused by various factors.  If you've had a trauma to the nail, if you've been unwell around 6 - 12 months ago or constantly washing your hands.  I have a video showing 'How To File Your Nails Professionally' where I show you how to 'bevel' your nails.  This helps seal the layers of your nails together which will help them stop splitting.  I also have a video on 'How To Perfectly Polish Your Nails (& Make Them Last!)'

I can't seem to get Konad to work - it wont stamp - can you help?
I have a video on 'How To Use Konad' but a few things I suggest...
.1) Check you're not taking too long to stamp. Apply the special polish to the plate, scrap and stamp quickly.   I learnt that I was taking too long when I first got my kit until I did this.
2) Make sure the stamper is really clean and thoroughly dry of nail polish remover.  Any trace of the remover will disolve the design.
3) Make sure theres no clear film that needs removing from the plate before the first use (this is generally with the Bundle Monster plates but its worth checking)

I love doing nail art but can never manage my other hand?
This is something that I have to say is entirely down to practice.  I find that its best to work on a table or other steady surface where you can rest your wrist down to apply the details and go slowly !  You'll never manage it if you rush it - believe me !!  Those extra few minutes spent applying the detail will make such a difference.  My 'Beginners Flower Nail Tutorial (Pictured left) is good design to practice with.

Why don't you show yourself in a video?
I think this is a difficult question to answer.  For many reasons from the beginning I chose to make my videos all about the products or design and not as much about myself.

My aim was to make clearly instructed videos so rather than the viewer trying to focus on what was going on as well as read the text I chose to do voiceovers.


  1. I just found your "How to file your nails properly" video, and it makes so much sense! When I was a young girl, my mother told me NEVER to see-saw the file/emery board (just as you said). But I guess I thought that meant you always had to file in just one direction, which makes it difficult. In my early 20's, I decided to quit filing altogether and just clip my nails to the quick. Much easier... However, my nails have always been weak and split as soon as they get any kind of length to them. Now I know why--I've been using the kind of clippers you show (even though they're the small ones, not the huge ones I use on my toenails). I'll go get some nail scissors immediately, and I'll start filing properly.

    Meanwhile, I have to say, I had my first professional manicure--yesterday--and I'm very disappointed. The girl who did my nails didn't ask if I wanted my nails rounded or squared off... She just clipped the tips (with clippers) and then SEE-SAW FILED them all square! I don't mind square nails, I guess, but my fingers are short and my nails are short too, so I wonder if having them squared off doesn't just make them look that much more short/stubby? Anyway, I won't go back to her--that's for sure! Thanks for your help--I'll be following your posts!

  2. p.s. I meant "professionally" rather than "properly". =D


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